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Re: [ARSCLIST] FM reception way back when

Robert Cham wrote:
Hi Folks,

New to the list here. I've been a recording and radio engineer for more than forty years. Speaking as the latter, I can tell you that FM Stereo takes about ten times as much signal as Mono. When I was with Vermont Public Radio, we would turn off the stereo pilot whenever we broadcast news shows to increase the reach of the stations. When I first started at WHA in Madison, in the early '70s, we would turn the pilot off for mono music recordings.

That makes sense. I noticed when I was a kid that television stations would turn off the chrominance signal when broadcasting black and white movies, leaving just the luminence. Often when they came from color commercials back to the movie they'd forget for a few seconds, and the picture would be riddled with red/blue/green snow that disappeared when the chrom signal was killed. Stereo FM, if the signal is weak, gets all kinds of phasing errors that disappear if you happen to be lucky enough to have a "mono FM" switch.

Let's not discuss "stereo wide"...if God intended for us to hear stereo with one channel phase-inverted, He'd have put one of our ears on upside-down. :-)

Michael Shoshani

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