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Re: [ARSCLIST] FM reception way back when

I like the accuracy of the current TV show MAD MEN, which takes place in
1962. The main family lives in Westchester and whenever we see the parents
or kids watching TV, the reception is a bit off - slight double images,
occasional snow - just as it would have been then using a rooftop TV antenna
from such a distance from New York City. 

Dave W.

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Anyone remember similar experiences to this? I'm just listening to a tape
in 1960 (I recorded it, in fact) off the CBC's FM station in Toronto, and
the quality is excellent and free from interference, every so often there's
brief series of clicks..because someone elsewhere in the house changed the 
television channel.

We were a family of tape fiends. Schedules were noted..taping off AM was
worse, since light switches, television, running the dishwasher, opening the

fridge, just about anything involving electricity would cause clicks,
static, whistle etc. As my mother frequently replied, "I can't pee in the


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