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Re: [ARSCLIST] And--was: [ARSCLIST] cassette crackle

When I was in first year Radio-TV Arts at Ryerson in 1965, I landed a daily program on what was then still the student-run station CJRT. Nobody listening, and just typical FM easy listening music and minimal yakking. My father kindly airchecked me every day. On the Philips. At 15/16. I could stand to listen to about ten minutes of each show..it was quite a while before I realized that the music didn't really sound that draggy..


Steven C. Barr wrote:

Which reminded me of another problem which is/was fairly common on "home-
use grade" cassettes...! While these machines usually run close enough to the
standard 1-7/8 speed that cassettes don't sound noticeably "off-speed"..
nevertheless, they DON'T all run at exactly the same speed! I found this out
when usingt a different "dubbing" deck to copy a cassette originally recorded
on a different tape deck; the reason I notice the "accumulated" speed difference
(tape recorded on deck A, then dub-copied on deck B, and that tape played
back on deck A again...!), is because I tried playing harmonica along with the
resulting tape, and found it was no longer in the key of E (A harmonica, 2nd
position) as the LP I had originally taped had been...?!

Steven C. Barr

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