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Re: [ARSCLIST] Duncan Sisters

Entirely possible..they kept up their vaudeville act, did some soundies, did some 50s television appearances, recorded a couple of Christmas sides (not these) in 1947 per one source, and the name would have been too well known for anyone to use it as a pseudonym around 1950.

The person to ask is Peter Muldavin, the Kiddie Rekord King (and recent ARSC winner)..his VINTAGE CHILDREN'S RECORDS book lists the Star-Bright label but only up to R1020. Peter, over to you.


Steven Smolian wrote:
The Duncan sisters are credited performers on two 7" 78 kids records, both
on Star Bright Classics. They are:

1029          Angel On Top of the Xmas Tree (Duncan Sisters)/Rudolph the
usual. (uncredited) and

1030          Jolly Ole Fella (D. Gilmore-W.W.Worth- Duncan Sisters)/Frosty
the Snowman (uncredited)

The "Santa" character has a deep voice- could be Ruby Helder, Tugboat Annie,
etc.  Mrs. Claus and other incidental characters is clearly a woman- soprano
and little child sounds.

Anyone know if these are the "Topsy and Eva" Duncan sisters?

Steve Smolian

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