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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Store day

Actually, I have found many deals like that in used record stores, and junk shops. That's part of the fun. I get a lot of pleasure out of looking through boxes of actual objects, and having conversations about music with other people in the store. Call me old fashioned.

And yes, I discovered Os Mutantes from Brazil in a used record shop. The record store clerk was happy to play it for me, so I could check it out. That's something that doesn't happen too often on eBay, although now and then someone does put up short .mp3 samples.

On Apr 21, 2008, at 11:14 AM, Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:

Yeah,but can you buy soul Lps that book at $100.00+ for five bucks,like on eBay ? What sort of selection do they have of pre- stereo classical records,do they have either on Lp or 78 ? Do they sell much old ska and calypso on vinyl ? Can you go in and be pleasantly surprised by finding some Lp by some great 60s rock band from South America,you had never heard of before ?

I would be very surprised in,in this day and age,if they can compete with eBay


David Goren <dbgoren@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: Well, your record stores may suck in Albuquerque but here in NYC
there are some real gems, which really are like community centers,
particularly the store Downtown Music, which was mentioned in the

On Apr 19, 2008, at 7:53 PM, Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:

Well I say it's an attempt to save a dying dinosaur of a sales
model that needs to go the way of the eight track tape.The vinyl
market is stronger now than it has been in years,it has just moved
out of the stores,and on to the web.And I'm not just saying
that,because the stores where I live (Albuquerque) suck so bad,that
they think a regular US  pressing of "Blonde on Blonde",from the
1980s is some sort of collectible that merits a $29.99 price
tag.They can push "community" and other worthless buzzwords all
they want,but it's little different than justifying a six dollar
cup of coffee,with words like "atmosphere",and "experience".What
this NYT article ignores,is that a lot of savvy sellers,have shut
down their stores,and moved onto eBay,where they are doing more
business than they have in years.


Aaron Levinson  wrote: The group
organizing it is CIMS and the principle is simply to support
an endangered species by voting with your wallet. I intend to
at least 3 stores tomorrow here in Philadelphia. For all of us who
derived so much
pleasure from these dusty palaces of knowledge I think it is a
worthwhile endeavor.


Peter Hirsch wrote:
According to an article that I just saw in the Times, tomorrow is
Record Store
Day. I can't figure out what sort of organizing principle is
behind it or who
is coordinating it, but you can read about it at

Peter Hirsch punto@xxxxxxxx (212) 569-8716 - home (212) 714-8570 work (NYPL)

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