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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Store day

> Yeah,but can you buy soul Lps that book at $100.00+ for five bucks,like on eBay ? What sort of selection do they have of pre-stereo classical records,do they have either on Lp or 78 ? Do they sell much old ska and calypso on vinyl ? Can you go in and be pleasantly surprised by finding some Lp by some great 60s rock band from South America,you had never heard of before ?
> I would be very surprised in,in this day and age,if they can compete with eBay
>                                             Roger
> David Goren <dbgoren@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: Well, your record stores may suck in Albuquerque but here in NYC  
> there are some real gems, which really are like community centers,  
> particularly the store Downtown Music, which was mentioned in the  
> article.
I was at Princeton Record Exchange on Saturday and they have 
beefed up their LP stock since my last visit there about 6 weeks 
ago.  They had a group of special "Record Store Day" vinyl issues 
by various rock groups to mark the occasion - if they had had a 
special vinyl issue of, say, Irving Aaronson, I might have 
purchased it.  Their biggest draw, to me, are the budget CDs - 
thousands, in all fields, especially classical and vintage jazz.  

Dave Weiner

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