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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Store day

I hate eBay..it keeps me broke. As long as eSnipe and PayPal are working, somebody out there is going to make money off me. And that's why there won't be a recession. Yeah, right..


Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

Personally, I HIGHLY dislike eBay! There is so much "Auto-sniping"
software in existence that it is essentially impossible to win
something, unless either (A) NOBODY else wants it...or (B) you
are fortunate enough to register your bid in the last nanosecond
before the deadline...! Further, the average eBay seller is
hopelessly ignorant about the details concerning his/her/its
merchandise, so one has no real knowledge as to what is
being sold...!

In fact, as a 78 colllector, I find that they are quite rare
(and often wildly overpriced) in thrift stores...and too many
mail auctions carry minimum bids leading me to believe the
sellers are hoping to reach the financial level of Bill Gates!

When I was younger, there were a number of mail auctions which
offered all sorts of 78's...and had affordable minimums, which
enabled me to buy about 10,000 phonorecords, usually for a
buck & change each...and thus have fairly complete runs of
a number of labels...!

Surely large numbers of 78's haven't suddenly vanished from
availability in the last decade or so...?!

Steven C. Barr

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