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Re: [ARSCLIST] Wishing for old tapes, was Yet another great box set from Mosaic

At one time (the time being 1960), Agfa Magnetophonband Typ C in a cardboard box could be purchased for $1.49 at TelTronics on Yonge Street..I know, I bought two rolls of the stuff. At that time the only way to spool it onto small reels was to place it on an old record player and let it play through the heads of the Wollensak. I probably tried fast forwarding long enough to have the tape start flying off the pack and getting totally tangled. It also broke VERY easily, was barely usable for recording on, and as Richard points out, was slightly wider than the quarter-inch stuff we know.

The packages are printed in German and Russian, and have the words "Made in Germany -- Russian Zone" stamped on the labels, along with the words "schwarz" and "Metallkern" and the numbers "0/1801" on a dotted line next to the words "Band Nr".

Somewhere among the tapes I stowed from my parents' basement, I may actually have some of the tape, containing low level Bob & Ray airchecks.


Richard L. Hess wrote:

Oh, and the vast majority of the WWII era German tapes are still marginally playable -- at least the ones that I have seen. The Magnetophonband Typ L which is the homogeneous PVC material still works well, although its magnetic characteristics are, ummm, interesting by today's standards. Magnetophonband Typ C if stored in the original metal cans is at grave risk of vinegar syndrome -- it is a coated acetate material.

I even played one reel of 1930s carbonyl iron tape from Jack's collection, but it had nothing but tones on it. It's the gray tape.

Anyway, I'm glad everyone likes the Mosaic box set!



Be careful, the tape is 6.5 mm wide, not 6.35 mm.

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