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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469

I wonder if this would work for the types of tape that don't respond to baking, like Ampex 291 and its 1-mil Shamrock equivalents?


carlstephen koto wrote:
I've been trying the Last Tape Preservative for about 6 months and so far the results have been all positive. It's a dry lubricant in a very fast drying medium. It seems to reduce tape flutter enough to audibly increase high frequency response. It reduces tape squeal a bit, but isn't a cure for all squealing problems. Luckily, I haven't had many problems with squealing with the tapes in my collection but have tape collection comrades who do. What kind of delivery system do you use with the D5.
On Apr 8, 2008, at 9:15 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

At 11:50 PM 2008-04-08, Steven Smolian wrote:
The product I heard was finally used was the bean of the jojoba (sounds like a Star Wars character) plant. That should be in the 499 mix.

I had heard that Jojoba Oil was considered as it probably more closely matches sperm whale oil than any other chemical, but I also have not had any confirmation that it actually made it into production.

I have tried jojoba oil (Trader Joe's is perhaps the best place to get it--I bought several bottles while at the AES in SF in 2006) for re-lubrication with no success. The best relubrication results have been with D5, but that is still not excellent. The nice thing about D5 is it ultimately evaporates so it won't destroy tape machines. Most other oils will end up lubricating things you don't want lubricated.

But tests that have looked for lubricants in tapes that have mis-behaved have found the lubricants, so I'm not sure at all we ever really have loss-of-lubricant. Re-lubrication works as it allows the asperities to slip by each other without stick-slip but I see it as a rubber glove for a leaky pen. It's a tool in the arsenal of the restorer when nothing else works, but I fear most of the times when we are using re-lubrication we're doing it as an expedient, not as the correct cure. I think cold playing of 3M175 and Sony PR-150 is a good cure (for now, until the Tg falls below the temp of the refrigerator).

Lubricants as well as binders can oxidize as well as hydrolize. Makes for an interesting analysis.



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