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Re: [ARSCLIST] Marsh book

The Frank book I described in an earlier message ("The NBC Years") includes an appendix listing "NBC Symphony Orchestra Broadcasts: The Other Conductors" that might be what you want. It also contains lists of "Nonbroadcast Toscanini NBC Symphony Orchestra Concerts" and "The NBC Symphony Orchestra Tours," but everything in that second category appears to have been led by AT.

John Ross

At 4/8/2008 09:04 PM, you wrote:
My books are at home, not at work. Now that I can check, it turns out that my copy of the Marsh book is of the English edition hardback, 1956, and only lists Toscanini's broadcasts. My later US paperback has much less info.

So I'm still looking for the other-than AT concert listings.

Steve Smolian

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