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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469

Hello, David and Carlstephen,

In regards to tapes that do not respond to baking, I've had excellent results with playing 3M 175 and Sony PR-150 at +4 degrees C (+4C). Others have confirmed this. Laboratory analysis seems to indicate (small sample) that the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the tape has fallen -- in the test case to +8C. So playing below the current Tg of the tape works.

While Shamrock 031 MIGHT respond to the D5 treatment, I prefer to use D5 as a last resort. See this blog post for success with Shamrock 031 (worked on several reels)


So far, I've been able to play every reel tape I've come across recently without resorting to relubrication (see my previous post why it's not really relubrication -- the lubricant is still there -- but rather over-lubrication). I'm using it on cassettes for now, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve still that I'm working on.

As to delivery of D5, I use my "mule" tape recorder
And over the length of the tape inject about 0.5 CC of D5 into a cotton swab that is in contact with the tape surface. My guess is about half of that is transferred to the tape surface.

I have had only a small amount of luck with using the LAST products on unplayable tapes. I can see how they might reduce scrape flutter on some normal tapes or tapes that are just beginning to degrade.



At 12:58 AM 2008-04-09, David Lennick wrote:
I wonder if this would work for the types of tape that don't respond to baking, like Ampex 291 and its 1-mil Shamrock equivalents?


carlstephen koto wrote:
I've been trying the Last Tape Preservative for about 6 months and so far the results have been all positive. It's a dry lubricant in a very fast drying medium. It seems to reduce tape flutter enough to audibly increase high frequency response. It reduces tape squeal a bit, but isn't a cure for all squealing problems. Luckily, I haven't had many problems with squealing with the tapes in my collection but have tape collection comrades who do. What kind of delivery system do you use with the D5.

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