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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469

The microwave process is called the XT process.  It is patented, I only know
of one organization currently using the patent (not us)and they are paying
royalties.  As such, I do know engineers who have used the process on
hundreds, if not thousands, of analog audio tapes.  The key benefit to this
system is that it is FAST.  Unfortunately, it is NOT available unless you
want to send your tapes to someone who has the patent rights to use the
process.  As such, unless you have a large volume of tapes that you need
processed very quickly, I don't see any problem with simply using the
"baking" process instead.  

We have noted that some AGFA tapes do need longer baking times.  We have
also done a significant amount of testing and have found no negative affects
with "baking" or "incubating" analog audio tapes for periods measured in
days, rather than hours.  In fact, we have incubated 2" audio materials for
weeks without negative affects- this is NOT a recommendation, simply an
observation of some testing we have done.

Peter Brothers

Tape restoration and disaster recovery since 1983

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thanks, it did seem too good

>> On _Apr 1_, 2008,
>>> The folks who told me were several fellow mastering engineers.
>>> Bob Olhsson Audio Mastery, Nashville TN
> Sorry no.
> I first head this from chief mastering engineer David Collins, A&M
> mastering up to its demise.
> He told, on the mastering list, that a person came from AGFA with a
> complete receipe on paper, giving details on which micro wave oven to
> use, time in the oven so on.
> As far as I know this process was patented.
> -- 
> Best,
> Goran Finnberg

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