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Re: [ARSCLIST] Article about digital archiving in the NY Times

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>From Tom Fine: "...As far as I know: 1. there is still a working Soundstream
transfer system in place at Telarc in Ohio, plus a track record of proven
good results transferring to SACD and CD some of the very earliest

...3. I am not sure how many working examples still exist of the 3M Digital
System. But also, I am not 
sure how widely used this was..."

The first decade (of recordings, not to be confused with CDs) was
Soundstream, 3M and Denon. I'm mostly familiar with the first two.  I have
the impression the Soundstream no longer works and Telarc uses copies. I'll
ask a friend of mine who would know. The 3M machines were not
interchangeable and can only play a tape after heroic technical efforts if
at all. Many many parts are no longer available for the very few remaining
machines. There are many cases where analog tape safety's are used today.

My point is that nobody can possibly afford to go out and build a DAT
machine from scratch, much less a Soundstream or 3M. digital player.

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