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Re: [ARSCLIST] Article about digital archiving in the NY Times

Richard -- YESS! The whole concept of "vault" and "archive" needs to be re-conceptualized by the keepers of the intellectual property and/or valued cultural gems. It's no longer "put this in a dry room in acid-free paper and keep good track of it so it doesn't get lost." It's now "get this fragile digital stuff migrated to an automatically-backed hard drive farm, and be responsible with upgrading to latest/greatest concept of what mass-storage is". This can all be automated but what constitutes an "archivist" may be more a computer programmer than a librarian.

One interesting topic I discussed off-list is, what do you do with an outmoded digital format once you've made a bit-perfect transfer? The person asking me had finally magrated all his Sony F1 tapes to hard drive, using the last generation F1 adapter that had SPDIF output. He was debating whether to dumpster his aged Betamax and tapes. Think of this on huge scale for a record company with acres of 1630 tapes.

-- Tom Fine

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At 07:32 PM 2008-04-09, Bob Olhsson wrote:

My point is that nobody can possibly afford to go out and build a DAT
machine from scratch, much less a Soundstream or 3M. digital player.

Agreed, Bob!

That was my point about a week ago when I found out that the Honeywell 101 Instrumentation recorders are still available -- upwards of $100,000 each!

On the other hand, if you have online digital archives (i.e. storage connected to a LAN) you can issue the equivalent of:
copy \\oldarchive \\newarchive /s
Go away for X number of days
Run the MD5 comparisons on newarchive
and you're done.

It is a far cry from trying to play old 3M digital tapes, all of which should have been migrated when there were machines.

The dead issue isn't digital, but shelf storage that is non-robotic or non-connected.



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