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Re: [ARSCLIST] Discography info needed -- many Haydn symphonies

Hi John and Howard:

THANKS for all this info!

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Discography info needed -- many Haydn symphonies

At 4/9/2008 06:52 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
Columbia Odyssey:
32 16 0006
32 16 0034
32 16 0052
32 16 0082
32 16 0011
32 16 0166
32 16 0342
32 16 0374

These appear to be the bargain-price Odyssey LPs of Haydn Symphonies performed by The Vienna State Opera Orchestra conducted by Max Goberman. They were re-issues of the Library of Recorded Masterpieces.

006 Nos. 1-3 (stereo)
34 Nos. 4-6 (stereo)
52 Nos. 7-8 (stereo)
82 Nos. 9-11 (stereo)
166 Nos. 15-17 (stereo)
342 Nos. 18-20 -- #18 is by the London Symphony conducted by Mackerras; 19 and
20 are Goberman with the VSOO
374 Nos. 21-22

Source: Columbia Masterworks and Odyssey Catalog/1974

If the Haydn House web site (www.haydnhouse.com/max_goberman.htm) is to be believed, "CBS's Odyssey label issued some of these Goberman Haydn recordings in the late 60's with poor sound, dooming that reissue project from the start. Worst of all, the center channel of the original session 3 channel masters was "held back" thereby depriving the listener of much of the woodwind and brass detail that made the original LRM (Library of Recorded Masterpieces) LP releases so unique." They offer CD transfers from the original LRM LPs for $120 postpaid (11 CDs) which is probably a better approach than transferring dubs of the "poor sound" Odysseys.

Vanguard VSD-71126 Symphonies 22 and 26 Vienna Symphoniker, Antonio Janigro (June 1964)
Vanguard VCS-10021 Symphonies 30/31 Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Hans Swarowsky

And the following London catalog numbers
STS 15258
STS 15259
STS 15260
STS 15261
STS 15262

These could be part of the London Stereo Treasury complete Haydn Symphies cycle, with Dorati and the Philharmonia Hungarica.

John Ross

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