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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dylan's "Great White Wonder" - query

Thanks to the several list members who responded to this query. More
responses will be welcome, although it may be that subscribers have nothing more to
say. I gather that the two LPs I have are not what were released as either GWW
or as the Basement Tapes. Rather, they contain some earlier material, along
with tracks issued later with the GWW and Basement Tapes LPs.

If you were describing these two LPs, how would one identify them? Are they
familiar, in this form, to anyone? And if so, what are they called?

Paul Charosh

This site: http://www.bobsboots.com/boots/0GWanswersnum.html has some info about the various iterations of GWW, with photos of thediscs from each incarnation. The titles you list are most likely written (as best guesses) by the previous owner of the disc.
Dylan bootleg-ography is a huge subject in and of itself, and I'm sure some web explaoration will find many sources of information/disinformation, but regarding GWW, here is a quote from the above-mentioned site:

"There is a near endless variety of ways in which this LP can be found. The same companies have packaged the same album many ways. Some of these packages have been altered by the distributors, retailers, and even by the end line consumer. Along with the minor intentional alterations (such as changes in insert color) there are inadvertent minor changes such as differing hues of the same color cardboard stock used for jackets, or raw vinyl used to press the LP. It would be not only a herculean task to try to document every insignificant minor unintentional variant, but would serve little practical purpose, and would be way beyond the scope even of this in-depth examination. "

-Matt Sohn

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