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Re: [ARSCLIST] "CD ripper changer"?

I ripped about 2,000 CDs to create a music server a couple of years ago- but
I did it in the PC universe, and with a program called EAC: 

[see the EAC list on yahoo groups, also http://www.digital-inn.de/forum14/ ;
http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ ;
069 - scroll down for EAC]

I recall on several of these sites discussion of people using an automated
stack-loading CD burner, but to rip instead. My experience in ripping all of
those CDs is that, especially for classical music, the information in the CD
database (EAC uses freedb- seems the Canadian site is still functional) is
sometimes problematic.  So human intervention is a must.  If using Itunes,
perhaps disc identification is better, so less intervention is necessary.

I ripped across 3 networked PCs, 6 optical drives total, and it didn't take
as long as I feared it would.  I imagine with the availability of SATA
optical drives and motherboards with scads of SATA ports one could build a
single machine with numerous drives on board.  Don't know how well it would
work, though.

Good luck!

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I'm wondering if such a device exists, or if there is reasonably
reliable/easy to use software that 
can create such a device:

A computer with 3 or more CD drives
Software that automatically "batch-rips" to MP3 one drive after the other,
and allows the user to 
insert new discs in the finished drives, then checks for new discs and goes
back down the line until 
it encounters an empty drive.

I have a client who wants to convert a large CD collection to his iPod
without doing one disc at a 

Input much appreciated. I assume such a setup would be very useful to some
libraries and archives.

-- Tom Fine 

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