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[ARSCLIST] Special Radio Dismuke Broadcast w/ Kurt Nauck

I am very pleased to announce a unique Radio Dismuke
broadcast in late March/early April featuring special
guest Kurt Nauck, owner of Nauck's Vintage Records,
the world's largest and most prestigious auction house
of rare and collectible vintage records. The broadcast
will take place in early April from Nauck's impressive
and museum-like facilities just outside of Houston,
Texas. This will be the third broadcast Radio Dismuke
has conducted in conjunction with a Nauck's Auction.  

Kurt has very generously agreed to make all of the
nearly 10,000 vintage records in his current auction
available for the broadcast - and the very best part
is the specific records we play will be selected
entirely by Radio Dismuke listeners and Nauck's
customers. For the duration of the broadcast, Radio
Dismuke will depart from its strictly 1920s and 1930s
popular music and jazz format and play recordings from
just about every musical genre imaginable from the
dawn of commercial recorded sound in the 1890s through
the end of the 78 rpm era in the late 1950s. Many of
the records in the auction are extremely rare and the
vast majority have never been reissued in modern

One of the things that is special about the broadcast
is that it will provide listeners a rare opportunity
to hear very early cylinder records played through
Kurt's Archeophone - a modern, electrical playback
device designed specifically for the reproduction and
preservation of vintage cylinder records. Because an
Archeophone costs over $16,000 owning one is beyond
the financial reach of the vast majority of private
collectors and they are usually found in institutions
such as sound archives and national libraries. You,
however, will have the privilege of listening to one
during the broadcast. Late 19th century wax cylinder
records are especially fascinating because very
frequently they are the last surviving copies of the
recorded performance.  

In addition to vintage cylinders and conventional 78
rpm discs, there are other vintage formats in the
auction as well including Edison Diamond Discs, radio
transcription discs, picture records and cardboard Hit
of the Week records. Radio Dismuke listeners have the
opportunity to submit requests from a wide variety of
musical genres ranging from jazz and dance band music
to classical, opera, blues, country and even early
rock and roll.  

So that listeners in time zones around the world will
have an opportunity to tune in, the broadcast will air
multiple times between March 31 and April 7.  For
information on the exact dates and broadcast times in
your time zone, go to the Radio Dismuke website at
http://RadioDismuke.com and follow the link to
additional information about the broadcast.   

How To Submit Your Requests  Simply go to the Radio
Dismuke website at http://RadioDismuke.com and follow
the link to additional information about the
broadcast. There you will find instructions on how to
access an online copy of the current Nauck's auction
and how to submit your request.  IMPORTANT: So that
Nauck's staff will have plenty of time to pull the
records that will be featured in the broadcast all
requests MUST be submitted no later than Monday, March

I am very excited about this upcoming broadcast and
hope you will have a chance to listen. The broadcast
will be a unique opportunity to hear some extremely
rare and historic recordings - a good number of which
have not been available to a public audience in many
decades. It is another example of how Internet radio
is able to provide to a worldwide audience highly
specialized, quality programing that traditional media
outlets are simply not able or willing to take on. 

On that note - if you value Internet radio and its
ability to bring such programing to you and you have
not done so yet, please visit the special page I have
set up regarding the very real danger that Radio
Dismuke's service providers and virtually every other
Internet radio service in the United States might be
forced to shut down within weeks as a result of the
new royalty rates that have been set by the Copyright
Royalty Board of the United States Library of
Congress.  You can find more information about this
situation and how you can help at:

(Please feel free to forward or republish this message
to others who might be interested)

 - Dismuke

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