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[ARSCLIST] Latest Adobe Audition

I'm doing some upgrading in the DAW department and am considering buying Adobe Audition. The last time I used this program was when it was CoolEdit 2000, and I had mixed luck with it (it was crash-prone on my PIII laptop but when it was not crashing it did a fine job of inhaling a bunch of Quad reel to reel tapes and saving to 4 WAV files). Are any of you using the latest Audition for Windows? Do you like it? Does it run stable? Is it a resource hog (the computer I'm contemplating installing it on is a 2005 vintage Dell 5150 with 2 gigs of memory and SATA drive buss). I don't envision needing more than 4 tracks under normal operating conditions.

Any/all comments appreciated.

-- Tom Fine

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