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Re: [ARSCLIST] at this rate, won't be much to archive soon enough

>From Tom Fine: "...Bob, wouldn't it work that a genuinely talented band with
decent management would be able to hustle 
enough live work that a buzz would start? Think of the Van Halen model in
the 70's -- they were 
selling out very large venues before they had a recording contract. "

Live shows have always been the easiest way around the dictates of Madison
Avenue but that path no longer exists. The small local and regional venues
are gone. The big ones now employ advertising subsidies to earn greater
profits. Cheap Channel (or whatever their new name is) earns more money from
a half-full house featuring an oldies band having corporate sponsorship than
from a young, relatively unknown band that packs the place. Radio plays what
tests well rather than what people actually buy. 

There has been a complete disconnect between the new music people get
exposed to and the music they actually want to own. The grassroots used to
make that connection when it didn't exist elsewhere but they are gone. I'm
not speaking of the merits of musical apples vs. musical oranges. I'm
talking about the corner market where you used to be able to choose between
them no longer existing. 

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