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Re: [ARSCLIST] Whacky-Packia outed for what it is -- Amateur Hour in Siberia

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From: "Mike Richter" <mrichter@xxxxxxx>
> Nor should you trust it - or Britannica or any other encyclopedia. It is 
> a source of information and of links (references) to further 
> information, confirming or contradicting the content.
> If you're wise, you do not trust record jackets, CD booklets or 
> compendia. You use them, one hopes wisely, but not as infallible 
> sources. For those, turn to the revealed word as your faith dictates.
The concept of "infallible source" can ONLY exist when you have (1) the
opportunity to observe the event in question (2) can be ABSOLUTELY sure
that your observing is NOT in any way affected (by your physical and/or
mental "point of view"...) and (3) either took careful notes at the
time or can be absolutely sure your recollections coincide EXACTLY
with the actual event!

Needless to say, the coincidence of all three is essentially HIGHLY
unlikely...if, indeed, possible!

Further, the key word in "revealed word" is "FAITH!" One is expected
to have absolute and unerring faith that the "holy book" (or whatever)
is both ABSOLUTELY true and ABSOLUTELY accurate!

Remember that the existence of gravity can be mathematically defined...
but that is NO proof that it exists, We simply rely on "Well, every time
I let go of something, it fell straight down..." Since EVERY case has 
not yet been observed, we may yet see objects "fall" straight UP...

Steven C. Barr

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