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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fact or fiction: Sharpies damage cd-r?

"P.O. Box Center" <poboxcenter@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>So is the writer just copying the press release from the company that
>the "special" markers or is there actually some evidence that certain
>of markers damage cd's and others don't?

I can testify from my own experience that plain discs marked with Sharpies
WILL be damaged irreparably.  I worked on an audiobook some years back
wherein all the raw (Mitsui & Kodak branded gold) CDs were labeled with
Sharpie inscriptions.  Without fail, over a short period of time, the ink
ate through the lacquer and destroyed the data underneath.  Fortunately
for these sessions, DAT tapes were recorded simultaneously and we were
able to salvage the project.

DO NOT USE SHARPIES (or other solvent-type markers) ON CDs or DVDs.  Just
say "no."  Why take the chance?


Charles Lawson <clawson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Professional Audio for CD, DVD, Broadcast & Internet

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