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Re: [ARSCLIST] Two other N.Y. Times article on a different type of digitizing

Karl Miller <karl.miller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Kinda makes me wonder...are libraries going to circulate ebooks and 
iPods loaded with information?

They aren't "going to." They already are. Many public libraries around the 
country circulate books as downloadable ebooks which are encoded so that 
they can only be listened to for the regular loan period of a physical 
book. Those digital objects (and yes, it's a widely accepted and used term 
even far outside the library world) can be listened to on your computer, 
or on any device you wish to put it on. Some academic libraries are also 
making reserve music recordings available to students as downloadable 
files also (or in some cases as streaming audio). Some are experimenting 
with loaning out ipods as well.

Matt Snyder
Music Archivist
Wilson Processing Project
The New York Public Library

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