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[ARSCLIST] (Fwd) Stinson Calypso LPs

courtesy John Cowley, who is not on ARSCLIST

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Subject:	Stinson Calypso LPs
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I understand that you are seeking track list information for two Stinson 
Calypso albums.  The following information comes from a discography of 
English-speaking West Indian recordings on which Richard Noblett and 
myself have been working for many years.  As suspected, the origin of 
the recordings are Disc.

Stinson SLP 27  Calypso Vol.  II  Lord Invader, Duke of Iron, Macbeth, 
Felix & His Internationals
Lord Invader	Yankee Dollar
Lord Beginner	Always Marry a Pretty Woman
Lord Invader	Pound Your Plantain in the Mortar
MacBeth	Donkey Wants Water (Hold ´Im Joe).
Lord Invader	Sly Mongoose
Lord Invader	Out the Fire
Lord Invader	God Made Us All,
Lord Invader	Tied-Tongue Baby 

Stinson SLP 28  Calypso Vol. III  Lord Invader, Lord Beginner, Macbeth, 
Duke of Iron
Lord Beginner	Shake Around. (Harlem Brown)
Lord Beginner	Norah The War Is Over
Lord Invader	New York Subway
Lord Invader	Cousin Family
Lord Invader	Mary Ann
Duke of Iron	Matilda
Duke of Iron	Small Island
MacBeth	Dorothy, One Morning

John Cowley

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