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[ARSCLIST] off-topic: Indian Creek Delta Boys request

This is off of the current topics, but it does pertain to recorded sound archives :-)

I'm looking for any and all of the original (not "various artists") recordings of the Indian Creek Delta Boys, an Illinois Old-Time String Band from the 70s and 80s. According to one of the few web references to them, <http://www.bidness.com/jbj/icdb.htm>, "The ICDBs recorded three vinyl albums, one commercial cassette album". I believe the LPs, at least, were issued on Davis Unlimited (DU 33029, for example), and I have one nth-generation tape copy of another. I haven't been able to track down any copies, labels, or catalog numbers. Some years ago, I snail-mailed one of the members, Garry Harrison, but never received a response; other musicians I know report the same lack of success. They were once the official Illinois State Old-Time String Band, but I can't find an Illinois institution that seems likely to have preserved copies of their work.

Can anyone suggest an archive, or collector who might have copies of these recordings? ... or suggest mailing lists / groups where I might cross-post this request to a more specific audience?

Thanks in advance! Since this is a pretty narrow request, please consider responding off-list. If I learn anything of value, I'll post it back to the list.

- Pete Tinker
ARSC member, collector, musician (?) <http://www.bucklebusters.com/>

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