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Re: [ARSCLIST] Instant Recording Discs, was Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Gunk

Actually I meant that your turntable must have an unusually thick spindle!
Instantaneous discs, I've seen thousands of 'em. And I was a "CBC brat", hauled into
the old Jarvis Street building in Toronto beginning in 1950, where the smell of fresh
lacquer discs permeated the entire basement and is still fresh in my mind.

Martin's rate of 70% discs being off center is way too low. I'd put it at 95%, and
even the slightest variation is audible to me. As for off-center lacquers, it
definitely does happen..I had one last month that had been recorded, removed from the
cutter, then put back to cut another track. Both cuts had different centers.

Re glass discs, as suggested by Bob, since Christie had dated the disc at 1958,
there's no chance of a glass disc being used that late unless someone really needed
to use up some very old blanks (they were still sold as late as 1948). By the way,
some Audiodisc glass discs had a cardboard center. This won't shatter, but it does
have a nasty habit of falling out.


Christie Peterson wrote:

> I love these kind of 'make it work' (while doing no harm) solutions!
> Absolute genius, both of you!  As it turns out, the discs fit over the
> tapered part of the spindle, so stacking discs and/or mats up to that
> level is a perfect solution.
> And as for never having seen an entire collection like this before,
> obviously, Dave, you've never had an entire collection of "As Heard on
> NBC" discs from 1968-1969 before ;)
> Thanks again!
> Christie
> Christie Peterson
> Project Archivist, Muskie Archives & Special Collections
> Bates College
> 70 Campus Avenue
> Lewiston, ME 04240-6018
>  (t) 207-753-6918
>  (f) 207-755-5911
> Mwcpc6@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > Usually the tip of the spindle is tapered or rounded. A solution sometimes
> > suggested if the spindle is not removable, also useful for centering, is to
> > place other records on the turntable first to raise the disc above the start of
> > the taper.
> >
> > Mike Csontos
> David Lennick wrote:
> > Very simple solution (from the guy who suggested Windex)..if you have an extra
> > turntable mat and a junk LP (preferably an early 50s pressing, without the
> > raised edges and center), that will raise the disc enough to fit over the top
> > of the spindle. I do this all the time to center records. And I say nasty
> > things to people who advocate drilling larger center holes.
> >
> > But I've never run across an entire collection of discs, instantaneous or
> > otherwise, whose center holes were all too small for a standard turntable
> > spindle.
> >
> > dl
> >
> >

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