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Re: [ARSCLIST] Tape baking question

Tom Fine wrote:

> David:
> That Shamrock tape you mention is exactly what needs cold treatment. Baking won't fix those tapes.
> As you probably know, you shouldn't bake acetate tape for any length of time under any oven
> temperatures.
> If it were me and the tapes were containing what sounds like commercial material -- that's how I
> understand it from your description -- I'd just write 'em off and seek out the original source
> material It'll be less trouble to find that than messing with those tapes. The key lesson here is
> mixed-type reels are never a good idea.

But they're a fact of life in radio station use. A studio-recorded master or compilation is made under
totally different circumstances. For radio use or archiving, we always put short pieces onto long
reels, kept commercials for the same client on designated reels, archived our best spots (where our
voices were super-deep that day because we had bronchitis) in one place and so forth. Not the best
answer for technical reasons but the ONLY possible solution unless you have the space and patience to
store a zillion 5-inch reels. And believe me, I've tried to replace wherever possible. Given enough
time, I might find everything on these reels.


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