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Re: [ARSCLIST] Tape baking question

That was sort of what I expected the answer to be.


"joe@xxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

> If memory serves, baking is known to be detrimental to some types of
> tape, so I'd suggest separating them out as best you can, bake,
> reassemble and Xfer.
> Joe Salerno
> Industrial Video Services
> PO Box 273405
> Houston Texas 77277-3405
> David Lennick wrote:
> > Here's one for the team. Let's say you have a reel made up of several short
> > pieces of tape, either a compilation or a master or just something where it was
> > convenient to group similar pieces of material together. Let's say SOME of the
> > selections are recorded on 176, some on 456, some on god knows what....and of
> > course, now you have a tape that has sticky shed on only some of the tracks. Do
> > you bake the whole thing or try and remove only the portions that need
> > treatment and bake them?
> >
> > --Stuck
> >

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