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Re: [ARSCLIST] Tape baking question

Hi Brandon:

The problem is, there could well be parts of the tape pack that are stuck together (pinning and I forgot the other word Richard uses). So unrolling those parts before they are treated will destroy them (peel the oxide off). I asked Richard about this very type of reel before and if I recall the answer is freeze it and then play it cold (ie tape machine in a fridge) at very slow speed, which should unstick the bound portions enough to spool onto a reel for baking. The other parts, like 176, don't respond to baking and need the full cold treatment, if I recall. It's much more complicated that just spooling pieces off because true sticky-shed tape is probably bound together until treated and thus will be destroyed by spooling until it's treated.

Don't take what I say is gospel truth. Let Richard weigh in since he's done the research.

-- Tom Fine

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First of all, i mean not to steal
Richard H's thunder, as he knows quite
a bit more about this subject than me.

That said, it strikes me that the solution
proposed here only accounts for splices
*so* sticky as to be identifiable by touch alone.
Thus allowing selections exhibiting less
ridiculously obvious stages of hyrolysis
to miss the boat.

Brandon Burke

Quoting Tom Fine <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Guys, this is not all correct. Wait for Richard Hess to chime in.

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Tape baking question

> That was sort of what I expected the answer to be. > > dl > > "joe@xxxxxxxxxxx" wrote: > >> If memory serves, baking is known to be detrimental to some types of >> tape, so I'd suggest separating them out as best you can, bake, >> reassemble and Xfer. >> >> Joe Salerno >> Industrial Video Services >> PO Box 273405 >> Houston Texas 77277-3405 >> >> David Lennick wrote: >> > Here's one for the team. Let's say you have a reel made up of several short >> > pieces of tape, either a compilation or a master or just something where it was >> > convenient to group similar pieces of material together. Let's say SOME of the >> > selections are recorded on 176, some on 456, some on god knows what....and of >> > course, now you have a tape that has sticky shed on only some of the tracks. Do >> > you bake the whole thing or try and remove only the portions that need >> > treatment and bake them? >> > >> > --Stuck >> >

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