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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

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From: "Mike Richter" <mrichter@xxxxxxx>
> Steven Barr wrote:
> > Thus, if your accomplishment can be somehow recorded for posterity,
> > made available for purchase and thus provide recompense for a party,
> > it seems only fair that you are also rewarded by a portion of that
> > income. In fact, what you are suggesting essentially defines the
> > pre-1942 record industry...where an artist was paid a given amount
> > for making a sound recording, and that was all he/she/it would...
> > or could...ever receive!
> May I suggest that we are not only wandering far afield, but are in 
> danger of coming to (verbal) blows. Next, someone will suggest that my 
> doctor should receive a portion of my future income - in addition to fee 
> for service - for constructive care.
Well, I didn't intend it as such...! As well, my message (and the whole
idea of royalties) was only based on "future income" to the extent that
a "present" recording (with an extensive "lifespan") will...or, more
accurately, MAY...earn income for whomever said recording was made for.
The "royalty" concept simply ensures that the party who actually created
the saleable object gets to share the resultant income...IF ANY!

As far as your physician...I would presume that, should he happen to
discover a malignant tumour and successfully treat it (before it
kills you!), you wouldn't seriously object to any subsequent
payment (made from income you would have otherwise never received!).

> Ultimately, there are different models. When there is a meeting of minds 
> on the model, there can be a contract. Royalties were part of that 
> contract more than thirty years before the cited 1942, though they were 
> rare at first. Some musicians were pleased to work for fixed rewards; 
> others preferred the gamble of royalties. It was the choice of the 
> artist and the publisher.
Well, pre-1942, those "fixed rewards" were usually rather scanty at


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