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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

Steven Barr wrote:

Thus, if your accomplishment can be somehow recorded for posterity,
made available for purchase and thus provide recompense for a party,
it seems only fair that you are also rewarded by a portion of that
income. In fact, what you are suggesting essentially defines the
pre-1942 record industry...where an artist was paid a given amount
for making a sound recording, and that was all he/she/it would...
or could...ever receive!

May I suggest that we are not only wandering far afield, but are in danger of coming to (verbal) blows. Next, someone will suggest that my doctor should receive a portion of my future income - in addition to fee for service - for constructive care.

Ultimately, there are different models. When there is a meeting of minds on the model, there can be a contract. Royalties were part of that contract more than thirty years before the cited 1942, though they were rare at first. Some musicians were pleased to work for fixed rewards; others preferred the gamble of royalties. It was the choice of the artist and the publisher.


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