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Re: [ARSCLIST] History of Audio Exhibit at SFO

Yes, It's almost worth buying a ticket, subjecting myself to security, and then cancelling the ticket at the last minute in order to see it -- but that might get me on a future no-fly list.

Anyway, one other item of interest if all went according to plan is one of the two Magnetophons that Jack Mullin brought back from Germany and then built his own electronics. It was one of two that Jack used the first season for "Philco Radio Time with Bing Crosby".

It is rare that this unit leaves the personal collection of Mullin's family. In fact, this is the first time that I am aware of this unit being exhibited. Its mate is in the Pavek Museum in St. Louis Park (Minneapolis), MN.

Yes, 2-inch videotape is a real eye opener! To think what has happened over time to videotape since then.


(in SF)

Quoting David Seubert <seubert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

There is an exhibit on the history of audio recording at San Francisco
International Airport in Terminal 3 (United Airlines) right now. It
coincides with the AES Convention this weekend and runs through May
2007: http://www.sfoarts.org/exhibits/f2/f2-current.html.

It's behind security, so you have to be flying to see it. But if you happen to be flying through or to SFO, you should check it out. There are lots of cool artifacts from cylinders and Berliner discs, to an Ampex 2" videotape machine (which was actually drawing a crowd when I was there) to videogame consoles and "early" iPods. It's a well done exhibit with quite a bit of text on the various engineers and their contributions to audio recording. I couldn't figure out exactly who curated it, but it includes a lot of vintage equipment from the Ampex collection at Stanford, gear from Dolby Labs and some from private collectors like René Rondeau.

SFO has a great art exhibition program. It's too bad it's mostly behind
security now where nobody has time to pay attention to it.

David Seubert

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