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[ARSCLIST] Deletion from threads--was: Back-catalog (was Columbia Studio/Warehouse Fire)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Lou Judson" <loujudson@xxxxxxx>
> To, I do not save the messages. I did not have the proper version and 
> you quoted the response that I responded too, so do not take it as an 
> accusation. Seems petty to me, I was asking a question as close to the 
> source as I could - but next time I'll delete your name if it happens 
> again! It's not as though I said you said it, it is just that is how 
> email works...
> Sorry! I think the problem is over sensitivity, as the writer will 
> recognize his words.
>   Is the below better? Of course, the thread is broken so I may never 
> know.
Actually, the "problem" to which he is referring is the result of
deleting one or more intervening messages in the thread...INCLUDING
"From:" entries.

One starts with:

> > From: Joe Gabroni
> > >Yak Yak Yak
> From: Sam Smith
> > Blah Blah Blah
From: Steven C. Barr
> Yattata yattata

Now, say, you figure the thread is too long...you're only answering
my comment, not the other two!

But, you (or whomever) aren't careful about what you delete, so the
message is sent as:

> > > From: Joe Gabroni
> Yattata yattata

Now, you've just put my words in Joe's mouth...which can be a problem
if my comments were the opposite of Joe's! You can sometimes (but
nowhere near always) tell by counting the ">'s" that some content
was deleted.

Steven C. Barr

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