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Re: [ARSCLIST] Back-catalog (was Columbia Studio/Warehouse Fire)

To, I do not save the messages. I did not have the proper version and you quoted the response that I responded too, so do not take it as an accusation. Seems petty to me, I was asking a question as close to the source as I could - but next time I'll delete your name if it happens again! It's not as though I said you said it, it is just that is how email works...

Sorry! I think the problem is over sensitivity, as the writer will recognize his words.
Is the below better? Of course, the thread is broken so I may never know.
Lou Judson
On Oct 3, 2006, at 4:09 PM, Tom Fine wrote:

Hi Lou:

Please quote the proper person. I did not write the words you attributed to me below your message. We've had this problem on this list before ...

-- Tom Fine

I'm a freelance reissue producer who does a lot of work with Sony pop
material, and am pretty familiar with their tape archives.

AFAIK, there has been no loss of master tapes - pop or classical -
from the 1970s in their holdings.

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