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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Gunk

But how else do we get you to remind the folks of your product?


"H. Duane Goldman" wrote:

> I'm compelled to remind those with sufficient interest that while aqueous
> ammonia & mineral spirits will remove palmitic acid residues, they will do
> little to clean all the other contaminants on the disc.  A benefit of
> thorough cleaning & proper storage is a surface highly resistant to mold &
> mildew, whether, shellac, acetate, lacquer, Diamond Disc or vinyl.
> cheers,
> Duane Goldman
> At 04:27 PM 10/4/2006 -0400, you wrote:
> >Dr. Goldman has miracle products as well, but Windex works wonderfully (say
> >that fast 3 times) because of the ammonia..just enough of it to affect the
> >stuff.
> >
> >dl
> >
> >Martin Fisher wrote:
> >
> > > Never tried DLs Windex method but have found that lacquers clean up quite
> > > nicely with "Parks" Mineral Spirits.  Never given me a problem yet.

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