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Re: [ARSCLIST] -Misspellings corrected. Historical off air recordings. Boston Symphony Orchestra broadcasts.

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From: "Karl Miller" <lyaa071@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Most fortunate from my perspective. Yet, I wonder, who has responsibility
> in that instance. For example, I bought the Naxos issue of the Bartok
> Concerto for Orchestra with Koussevitzky conducting by purchasing it at
> Amazon.uk  I had it mailed to me. Strictly speaking, was I breaking the
> law by ordering it, or was Amazon breaking the law by sending it to me.
This is one for a whole passel of Philadelphia lawyers to straghten out
(at $600/hour!). In theory, you weren't breaking the law by ordering it...
your order could have been refused. As well, Amazon may not have been
the law by sending it to you...it could have been purchased as a gift for
your third cousin in Dogs Nest, Ontario...where it is entirely legal.
The actual copyright violation occured either when you broke the seal
on the packaging or when you actually listened to the recording...you
were supposed to have purchased a copy from the valid copyright holder
(never mind they can't supply you with a copy!). However, at the time
you become liable as a copyright violator, Amazom.uk may also become
liable for aiding and abetting your crime if they accepted your money
and sent you a technically illegal recording (which you needed to
commit your "crime.")

However, you're now stuck with the dommed thing...you can't even give
it to a Goodwill store unless that store is north of the St. Lawrence!

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