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Re: [ARSCLIST] Is this 1929 Harmony Recording Acoustic? (Harmony 308H)

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From: Dick Spottswood
>Another way to check is to look at the blank area on the disc next to the
>You'll see a matrix number, something like 1423456.  If it stands alone,
>acoustic.  If it's preceded with a circled W it's electric.  Compare any
Harmony with
>any Columbia from the period to see--and hear--trhe difference.
However, from about 1927 on, some vocal sides on Harmony were recorded
(i.e. Hanshaw, Vallee, etc.) but they didn't show the circled W. Whether
these were
recorded using the WE setup and not marked as such to avoid royalties, or
Columbia was using Harmony to experiment with a non-WE system (which Col(UK)
used) has not, to my knowledge, been established.
Steven C. Barr

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