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Re: [ARSCLIST] Harmonies: electric or not?

Unless internal documents disclose why selected pre-1930 Hamony releases were electrically made w/o apparent acknowledgement to WE, we can only guess at the circumstances of their creation.  I don't pay much attention to Harmony, but I've noticed that organ records and records by Rudy Vallee (including pseudonymous ones) are electric.  There are probably others.

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03/21/2004 10:54 AM
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Hi Gang,
A statement was made recently that circled w's were intentionally omitted from budget labels so as to avoid paying W.E. royalties.
I assume that was a speculation and that it's not documented.  At that time AT&T (which owed Western Electric)
was massive, omnipotent company.  The group of which Columbia  and its budget labels was a puny corporate entity.  I suspect that IF they considered perpetrating a breach of contract, that the record company's executives would've ultimately chosen not to risk the ire of the liscensor.

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