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Re: [ARSCLIST] Prefered format for digital archiving?

Since there are only 4 "standards" organizations in the world that have the
force of law behind them (IEC, ITU, ISO, UN/CEFACT), I guess one could come
to the conclusion that there aren't any out there.  But I would contend that
AES/ SMPTE/ NARAS/ EBU collectively have spoken in favor of BWF.

You will probably only notice that AIFF has lost many supporters (and this
is coming from a OSX office).  Here is a link to an Apple support document:


Compatibility with existing and future OS products is the most compelling
factor.  Also, there will be more utilization of the file header "chunk" to
provide information to the application relative to interleaving, etc. and
not available for metadata insertion.  BWF (while not a "standard") is
certainly more supported in the professional recording environment (whatever
that is these days!).

However, I'm sure that we will see another standard come along.  It can
hopefully be assumed that tools will also be made available to make this an
easy batch process.  There is no safe selection of digital audio files to
insure against obsolescence, only regular care and feeding.

John Spencer
Bridge Media Solutions

> From: Brandon Burke <bburke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Reply-To: Association for Recorded Sound Discussion List <ARSCLIST@xxxxxxx>
> Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 17:50:36 -0600
> To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Prefered format for digital archiving?
> I meant to post this reply to "all" but I goofed. The WAV v AIFF question was
> answered anyways so...this might not achieve anything more than clarifying my
> original inquiry. If anyone has anymore to say on this issue I'd obviously
> love
> to hear it.
> ********************************************************************
> Thanks guys.
> Yea...I figured it was a WAV/AIFF thing. We capture most things at 24/48. I'm
> less concerned about that (for right now). This was a question about what
> type of file I should commit these things to for digital storage. Thanks for
> the
> prompt replies.
> Next question: What differences might I notice between WAV and AIFF? Are
> there advantages to one over the other? Disadvantages?
> Thanks again,
> Brandon
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