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[ARSCLIST] RCA Victor record plant film available on DVD

As an old RCA Victor Record Division employee, the film "Command Performance"
narrated by Milton Cross has always fascinated me.

It is a documentary on how RCA Victor phonograph records are made,
specifically shellac 78 rpm records.  An excellently photographed tour
through RCA's Camden plant in the 1940's showing most details of the process.
It is all deadly accurate and should answer virtually any questions about
how it was done when wax was the master recording medium of choice.

I've had a poor and incomplete VHS copy of this film for years, and was
looking for a good copy of the original film, but I recently came across
someone selling this film on EBAY.  It is an excellent DVD transfer of the
film, complete from main opening title to closing credits and end title and
can be had for $7.99 plus $2 shipping (even to Canada).

RCA Victor record plant film on DVD:


(Here's a TINYURL in case you can't click on the above)


This seller has 18 pages of other "industrial/documentary films on EBAY and
repeats them regularly, so bid the minimum $7.99 and you'll probably get it
for that, otherwise wait for the next repeat, or pay his "Buy it Now" price
of $9.99.

I have no affiliation with this EBAY seller other than I bought one from
him.  His product is excellent, and delivery is prompt.

... Graham Newton

Audio Restoration by Graham Newton, http://www.audio-restoration.com
World class professional services applied to tape or phonograph records for
consumers and re-releases, featuring CEDAR's new CAMBRIDGE processes.

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