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Re: [ARSCLIST] Outboard ADC recommendations

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From: Rod Stephens
>O.K. Steven,
>I did some research on the link below and came up with this info:
>Unlike most conventional spyware, imrworldwide.com's Red Sheriff is loaded
as a Java
>applet embedded in a Web page you visit. Once loaded, it sends information
about your
>Internet usage (how long the page took to load, how long you stayed, etc.)
to the
>parent company, supposedly bypassing firewalls, cookie blockers and the
like. A number
>of Internet Service Providers have begun including Red Sheriff on their
start pages,
>which are programmed to load every time the user logs on to the Internet.
Related development...I just received a viral message whose spoofed "From:"
was the
old ARSCLIST address. Since there is a possibility this came from a computer
had once been subscribed to ARSCLIST (and still is?), and which would
probably have
other ARSCLIST subscribers' e-addresses on it as well, those folks might get
same message. Body text is "Look for the white rabbit" (this may or may not
universal), message size is over 60KB and the attachment will be
(or a similar executable) DO NOT OPEN!
Steven C. Barr

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