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[ARSCLIST] Outboard ADC recommendations

I know this has probably been covered in countless other topics but I can't
seem to get to the archive database to search it, so apologies in advance.

I want to buy an outboard ADC for digitizing some of my vinyl.  In the past
I've used my old faithful Turtle Beach Monterey PCI card, but given its age
and my current computer config that's no longer an option.

I'd like an external solution that's either USB 2.0 or Firewire (with a
slight preference for USB).  I want to balance price with quality of analog
inputs and ADC.  I don't need a full-blown "USB sound card solution" but
would certainly consider consumer units such as the Creative Audigy 2 NX if
they have a decent analog section.

This is not super-deluxe archival, it's just for devoted hobby use, but I
want to get the best value for my money.

Thanks in advance!

Vernon Miller
Concord, NH

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