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Re: [ARSCLIST] Glenn Gould and The Goldberg Variations (1955)

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From: "Mike Richter" <mrichter@xxxxxxx>

> At 09:54 PM 3/15/2004 -0500, Steven C. Barr wrote:
> >I can only comment on this last question. I believe that there is at
> >least one Enrico Caruso side that has remained in print since it was
> >first issued by Victor sometime prior to 1921.
> Undoubtedly, Caruso's 1907 "Vesti la giubba" has been continuously in
> since its first releases on Victor 88061 and HMV 052159.
Perhaps they could do a special centennial pressing of the 78 in 2007...
Steven C. Barr

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