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Re: [ARSCLIST] Glenn Gould and The Goldberg Variations (1955)

Dear ARSC members:

1. I am collecting stories and anecdotal evidence about this historic
recording. If you have any personal
experience preferably first hand or otherwise that bears repetition
please tell me.

2. If you have a heard a story that pertains to this recording that is
clearly apocryphal
or lushly embroidered or simply unverifiable I am interested in hearing
about it.

3. I am especially interested in haring from people who had some direct
interaction with Glenn Gould
that has been otherwise undocumented in the current books and films
about his life.

4. If you wish to share your stories about Glenn Gould and The Goldberg
with the other list members feel free to do so. If you do not feel that
the list is appropriate
for your particular story please e-mail directly off-list. If your
story is longish please do not
send it to the general list a link will be perfectly fine and no doubt
appreciated by all concerned.

5. I understand that since its date of release this album has never
been out of print.
Can anyone tell me if there is another recording that has stayed in
print on a continuous
basis longer than this recording and if so what is it?

My thanks in advance to all for your indulgence in this request.

Aaron Luis Levinson

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