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Re: [ARSCLIST] Repairing cracked 78s

At the British Library Sound Archive our priority is to recover the sound.
It is vital that the two (or more) pieces are kept separately and not in the
same sleeve to avoid the edges rubbing together and taking the edge off the
sharp broken edges.  A clean sharp break is better than one that has become
dulled through abrasion.  On the turntable the parts can be fitted together
and a check with a magnifying glass will reveal when the groove fits
together continuously and aligned correctly.  I use small strips of Scotch
Magic Tape (a pressure sensitive sticky tape) applied on the outer edge of
the discs pieces to secure them to the platter.  Using the usual CEDAR tools
of de-click and de-crackle should remove most of the artefacts produced by
the join and with de-thump the join 'should' be inaudible.  The major
problem arises from resonance after-shock from the arm produced by the join.

The above process results in what we call a 'playback' or 'access' copy so
I'd be interested in hearing about repair methods that would result in a
'warts and all archival' transfer.


Nigel Bewley
British Library Sound Archive

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What's the safest method of repairing 78s that are cracked neatly
in two pieces?


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