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Re: [ARSCLIST] Cost to clean and digitize 78s.

You might want to look at my web site, www.soundsaver.com to get an idea.

Since the quantity is small and lacks uniformity, I would do these at the
listed rate.

Steven Smolian

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From: "Joel Bresler" <joel.br@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 9:36 AM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Cost to clean and digitize 78s.

> Dear friends:
> I am looking to cost out a project for cleaning and digitizing a few dozen
> 78s. (I would rather someone else do the work, instead of personally
> learning the ins and outs of cleaning a disk, selecting the proper stylus,
> etc.) At this time there is NO restoration called for, but just physical
> cleaning of the 78 surface before playback and digitization in .WAV
> Could anyone supply a rough and ready per disk estimate for the
> washing/playback/digitization? Since the disks could be in differerent
> cities (and therefore digitized in different-sized batches) any indication
> of how the price per disk might change from small batches to a couple
> at a time would be welcome.
> As for finding folks to do the work, I am guessing that posting to the
> and 78-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx list are the best place to start, but would be glad
> to learn of other resources.
> Best,
> Joel
> Joel Bresler
> 250 E. Emerson Rd.
> Lexington, MA 02420
> 781-862-4104 (Telephone & FAX)
> joel.br@xxxxxxxxxxx

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