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Re: [ARSCLIST] Glenn Gould and The Goldberg Variations (1955)

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From: "Aaron Luis Levinson" <aaron.levinson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> 5. I understand that since its date of release this album has never
> been out of print.
> Can anyone tell me if there is another recording that has stayed in
> print on a continuous
> basis longer than this recording and if so what is it?
I can only comment on this last question. I believe that there is at
least one Enrico Caruso side that has remained in print since it was
first issued by Victor sometime prior to 1921. I'm fairly certain
that several recordings by Glenn Miller have been constantly
available since their original issue prior to 1942. Of course, in
both cases the deaths of the artists made it impossible for them
to re-record newer versions as technology evolved.

I wonder, though...was the 1955 Gould recording in stereo? This did
exist as tape technology in 1955, but not on disc. Or was a later
stereophonic recording made for disc issue c.1958-59?
Steven C. Barr

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