Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. The outer covering of a book placed on a text block to protect it both in use and storage, and, in many cases, to serve as a medium of decoration. A cover may be limp, e.g., a LIMP BINDING , which has no boards and the covering (usually vellum) is turned-in on itself and covered with the board papers; semi-limp (or semi-flexible), in which the boards are thin and flexible and are covered with leather or cloth and drummed on. See: DRUMMING ON . 2. A SELF-COVER , as of a pamphlet; or a stiff cover, e.g., more or less rigid boards covered with leather, vellum, cloth, paper, or combination thereof. Stiff covers are usually glued down all over, turned in and covered with board papers. In edition and library binding, the term CASE (1) is more appropriate. 3. The outside leaf of a periodical issue. (131 , 236 , 256 )

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