Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. A container for maps, bundles of loose sheets, samples of materials, disintegrating books, etc., that may be open at one end or completely closed in. See also: CUT CORNER PAMPHLET FILE ;PAMPHLET BOX ;PRINCETON FILE ;PULL-OFF BOX ;SLIPCASE ;SOLANDER BOX . 2. A leather "marble" consisting of marbling water thrown on in small drops, followed by small spots of brown and black. Additional marbling water is then thrown on in large drops, followed by small spots of blue sprinkled on. When all is dry, scarlet and two or three coats of orange are sprinkled on. The leather is bent and twisted in several places during the course of applying the colors and water to form veins. 3. A surface pattern in leather, usually black calfskin, consisting of fine, box-shaped creases formed by BOARDING (1) the skin in two directions, head to tail and belly to belly. See also: WILLOW (2) 4. The trough-like receptacles on a folding machine into which the folded sections drop. 5. One of the magazines of a gathering machine. (66 , 152 , 339 , 363 )

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