Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. A method of producing a design on the grain side of leather, as well as softening it, by means of a series of creases produced on the surface of the skin. Boarding is accomplished by folding the leather, grain side to grain side, and working the fold board knife across its surface. A straight or "willow" grain results when the skin is boarded on one direction, and a box or "cross" grain when it is also boarded at right angles to the first. Boarding a third time in a direction diagonal to the first two produces a pebbled-grain pattern. Boarding may be done by hand, using a cork-surfaced board called aGRAINING BOARD , the fold of the leather being rolled under the board, or, as is the usual case today, by means of a boarding machine, in which the leather is rolled between two cylinders, one covered with cork or rubber and the other with felt or rubber. 2. See: GRAINED UP . (306 , 363 )

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